Using jQuery Without Compromising SEO

Best Practices and Tips for Using jQuery without Compromising SEO Performance

jQuery is a short-hand JavaScript library that allows developers to accomplish actions with a minimal amount of code. We typically recommend using CSS to stylize and enhance content however, CSS has some limitations and sometimes other languages, such as jQuery, must be used to provide certain functionality. To ensure that jQuery does not hinder SEO performance, it is important to understand how to integrate jQuery in a manner that preserves optimization, accessibility, performance, and security.

This white paper includes best practices that will allow you to deliver an outstanding user experience without compromising the optimization and performance of your site. Download this white paper to learn more about: 

  • Content and jQuery
  • Proper installation 
  • Placement
  • Serving elements with effects
  • Chaining and minifying code
  • Using jQuery to handle AJAX

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