Automating SEM for SMB Channels

A New Approach that Leverages Automation to Cost-Effectively Manage Paid Search for SMBs

Small-Medium businesses (SMBs), which typically spend $50 to $1,000 per month in search marketing, have represented a decidedly challenging market to serve efficiently using traditional agency platforms.  Recent developments in automation enable channels that have traditionally struggled with -- or forsaken -- this important segment to tap into its substantial value, deliver quality campaigns, while also dramatically increasing the size of their serviceable markets.

This whitepaper details:

  • How the search marketing needs of SMBs in local markets are fundamentally different from those of large, highly competitive national advertisers
  • The case for incorporating automation to dramatically reduce the costs associated with serving large numbers of SMB accounts
  • Approaches for migrating active SMB accounts to automated platforms, and for mitigating risks while doing so


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